When I first suspected that Noah could have autism, I began researching frantically. And as a parent you will do anything to make it better. To give your little one the best shot possible. One of the first things I found, as I'm sure many autism parents have, is a gluten free and dairy free diet. While some may not believe that diet can not improve someone's quality of life, we have seen first hand complete changes within our whole family with cleaner eating. 

I am a firm believer that what you feed your body, feeds your brain. And in order to be our best selves mentally, we need to be eating real, whole foods from the earth. In my opinion, there is no denying the gut/brain connection. 

We eat a mostly paleo diet. Dairy free, grain free, and limiting sugar and processed foods. I always try to buy organic produce, and the few cleaning supplies I buy {I make most with essential oils} are considered non toxic. 

We do buy some food that comes in a box, we're human & practical, here are some of my favorite GFDF brands:




-Veggie Fries

-Trader Joe's waffles & pancakes

-HappyTot fruit & veggie pouches

DIY all purpose & glass cleaner:                                                       

-glass spray bottle

-distilled vinegar, with big splash of water

-15 drops of OnGuard {or Thieves, same thing}

-15 drops lemon

DIY 'febreeze'

-glass spray bottle

-distilled water

-splash of rubbing alcohol {helps with absorption}

-15 drops of eo {i use lavender or ylang ylang}

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