nemechek protocol

In April 2018 we began something called the Nemcheck Protocol. This protocol uses three simple supplements to eliminate any small intestinal bacteria overgrowth and bring down propionic acid. The three supplements are a prebiotic powder {inulin}, fish oil {omega 3} and olive oil {omega 9}. There are specific brands to use of each as many supplments on the market are fraudulent and have fillers.  Noah has made such great improvements from this protocol, such as; huge increase in muscle strength & core strength, more patience, less frustration when people talk, better receptive language, following directions better, willingness to try & allow others to help, playing with toys more appropriately, eating more variety of foods/less aversions, better eye contact, wanting more physical contact with others. 


To learn more about the protocol, Dr. Nemechek has several YouTube videos. And there is also a book you can purchase on Amazon.

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