we couldn't do it without you

Adam, remember when Noah was born, and I gave you a gift. It was a “new daddy kit” and it had a parenting book - a humorous one of course. And I honestly can’t even remember what else I threw in there. Just goes to show you we really didn’t need or use any of the so called necessary tools. Lol.

I honestly feel there is nothing that can prepare you for what being a parent really entails. Because even what you’re told to prepare for, chances are that won’t be your story. You have to learn and figure it all out on your own. And add autism and nonverbal to the mix, and it’s a whole new ball game.

But you incredible dads that step up to the plate, are nothing short of amazing. Our kids wouldn’t be where they are today, without you.

You pitch, you show the way and lead by example.

You are their catcher whenever they fall.

You stand shortstop and are quick to respond when something goes awry.

You run the bases with our kids and try to teach them how to play in our world, but will always join them in theirs.

You stand outfield because you’re always there and always will be, no matter the distance.

You cheer for our kids and are their biggest fans.

You coach and believe in our kids and what they are capable.

You do your absolute best to help them succeed. And you bravely face the loses and take on the challenges, because the wins are so worth it.

Even though so many of our kiddos can’t show you with little crafts or tell you with their words how much you mean to them, remember that you do. Remember you are the star to their moon, the chip to their dip, and you embody a whole baseball game. That’s how incredible you are.

We wouldn’t be the unstoppable team that we are, without you. So to all the superhero dads out there — thank you for all you do, and the happiest of Father’s Day to you.

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