let me teach you

Where do we go when our eyes glaze over, where do we go when we jump, flap and squeal to ourselves? You often ask us if we are happy where we go? Is it kind? Is it accepting? Is it full of colour? Is it full of spinning wheels, bricks in rows and water? Does it make sense? Are we lonely? Do we have friends there? Can you come too? “Oh please can I come” you beg..

It’s a world full of colour it’s ever so vibrant without being too overwhelming; it’s a world where communication is a machine and speaking is just a part not the whole engine it’s a world where silent songs are heard everywhere you go, it’s a world full of wiggly fingers and spinning bodies. It’s a world where we are understood without the tears of frustration poisoning the river where we swim.

It’s a world where acceptance is not a word that is known because it’s just something that is given automatically, it’s a world where we don’t have to fight to be in, a world where everything isn’t too loud or too fast or too bright or too much it’s a world where everything is just right it’s a world where we can be anything we want to be,, I’m a doctor, a teacher, a lorry driver, a pilot, a supermarket clerk, it’s a world where there are no small jobs, it’s a world where I’m I get to dance in the rain everyday a world where getting wet is a beautiful reminder that we are ALIVE and not an inconvenience.its a world where hello is so much more than just spoken words hello is a smile, hello is sniffing your hair, hello is jumping and flapping, hello is giggles, hello is dancing, hello is laying quietly listening to your heartbeat, hello in our world is everything and nothing..

It’s a world where eye contact is not a must, it’s a world where our bodies don’t exist instead we float around like balls of miraculous energy it’s a world where we don’t have to worry about getting our bodies to behave in a way that pleases society. It’s a world where society does not exclude diversity instead they embrace it, it’s a world where eye contact is not needed because we connect to each other on such a deeper level. It’s a world full of laughter, waterfalls, a world full of being upside down on the couch and sitting on lampposts laughing with the wind as it flies through our hair, it’s a world where clothes are not a need. It’s a world that isn’t too different to yours as we have cars, houses and all kinds of food yet at the same time it’s so different to yours.

it’s a world where we disappear too because it’s easier than a world that expects too much from us a, world that is too loud, a world that is too much a world that rips us apart because we are not who they want us to be, a world where they hunt for cures and warn others about us, a world where we are forced into square holes, a world that is cold, a world where we are so lonely god we are so lonely that it hurts like invisible pins being pressed into our skin every time we dare to be ourselves and demand others to think differently, a world where are silent songs are not understood or accepted, a world so full of hate so fast paced that you miss the beauty’s like leaves falling from trees, the first rain full of the year the sound as it patters down the window, the smell of spring, the wonder as it brushes your cheeks and make your fingers sing.

Your world hurts me, it scares me it’s not where I belong it’s not home. Your world isn’t ready for my world to collide with it completely not just yet maybe one day and oh what a glorious day that will be. I promise when that day does come I will hold your hand and take you I will be your tour guide and show you everything that is but until that day I will bring back little bits of my world to you, every time I smell your face, every time u see me dance in the rain, every time you see me focus on the leaves on the tree, every time I spin and demand you join in, every time my eyes twinkle, every time I show you my silence songs I’m giving you parts of my world I’m letting you have small glimpse into something so precious to me. I’m a dreamer a make believer and one I will make our worlds collide and it will be breathtaking but for now just hold me and let me teach you..

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