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When we received our son’s autism diagnosis, we knew we would have to make changes for our entire family and for our lifestyle.

I’ve always been pretty “green.” Nontoxic and organic products are important to me, and I try to make these better choices for my family as often as I can.

I like my cleaning products simple, and maybe a little too simple as for the last couple years I’ve just been using vinegar as my basic everyday cleaner. Well Adam (my husband) can’t stand the smell of it and let’s me know every time, and Luna (our dog) sneezes non stop when I would use it.

So I’ve been on the hunt for something new, but something that I also felt safe and confident using in my home. When Naturally It’s Clean gifted us with their entire cleaning supplies line, I was not only thankful but so excited because these were exactly the type of products I had been searching for.

They are powered by plant enzymes. And according to the company themselves — “enzymes from plants are truly a better way to clean and eliminate odors. Enzymes are nature’s most powerful cleaner because they rapidly biodegrade natural souls into their basic elements. Safer for you, safer for our planet — and completely, honestly clean.”

All their products are free of parabens, artificial dyes, alcohol, sulfates, artificial fragrances, petroleum, phosphates, SLS, and bleaching agents. They also are not tested on animals. But they are absolutely safe for pets — another reason I love using this products in my house.

I’ve been using the multi surface cleaner daily since I got it. It works great on all different kinds of surfaces ranging from the kitchen to wiping down kids toys. And it has a subtle orange scent which smells so delicious. It is so much better than the smelly vinegar I was using, and the whole family definitely agrees — haha!

I also have been loving their glass cleaner for Noah’s iPad. That thing gets so gross and I have to sometimes wipe it down multiple times a days. Naturally It’s Clean glass/ stainless steel cleaner has worked wonders without leaving streaks or harming his device.

We also put the carpet/ stain remover to the test last weekend when Luna had a not so pleasant accident on the rug. Sprayed a few sprays on the spot and gave it a little scrub and boom, the stain came right out. I was actually shocked how well and quickly it worked that I tried it out on a couple older stains on the same rug. They had been sitting there, I don’t know how long — not my proudest moment, haha, but to my surprise the cleaner cleaned the older stains too. It was pretty amazing and awesome to see how well it worked without using harsh chemicals. I’m so happy I’m stocked up with two bottles of this stuff. It’s that’s good!

If you want to check out this amazing line for yourself, you can shop their entire line on Amazon! Just click the link below, happy shopping!

Naturally It's Clean

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