"have you tried?"

“Have you tried the Nemechek Protocol?”

“What about a gluten free dairy free diet?”

“What about giving TRS a try?”

We’ve done it all. I’m a biomed OG. Lol!

But in all seriousness, we’ve tried manyyy different “treatments” to help Noah with the struggles he faces.

We started gfdf and supplememts before Noah was even diagnosed with autism. Thanks to “Dr. Google” as some may call it. But without it I wouldn’t have gotten such a head start and been able to help Noah on my own. Which I was more than capable of, to a certain point.

We then worked with a biomedical doctor. Did stool/ urine tests + bloodwork to find vitamin and mineral deficiencies along with brain inflammation in Noah. Did genetic testing to find he had the MTHFR mutation. Put him on even more supplements, about 10 total. Tried b12 shots, not for us. Then after spending thousands with that doctor — which we gladly did, he said the next and final thing to try for Noah was a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. That was another thousands of dollars. We just had started ABA therapy at the time and thought let’s give the biomed stuff a break and just see what happens in the next year or so.

I then learned about the Nemechek Protocol so we did that since it was just a prebiotic, fish oil + olive oil — I actually got a lot of other mama’s trying it out for their kiddos from sharing our story. Did that for a while. And I think it helped? Looking back I know he was more agitated and they say that is the “awakening” but I can’t say it ever did anything “major.” Then we tried TRS. I thought that helped stop his drooling but again that could’ve just been from age. Tried homeopathy next, that did not work, at all. Tried cbd, a few brands, trying out a new one currently. Tried different probiotics. Added in some vitamin d and fish oil. And we’re hoping to try medication soon, as Noah’s self injuring has not gotten any better over the years.

And that’s where we are! So when people kindly share suggestions, I almost can’t help but laugh a little because honestly I should be the one people come to for the suggestions.

I know people are just trying to help, I really do. We all just want to give our kids the best life possible. And that looks so different for each of us. What works for one, doesn’t always work for another. It’s soooo many trials and error. But we do it, happily. Because we’d do anything we possibly can for our kids. They deserve the world. And we special needs parents are going to give it to them.

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